3/24 post

This week, the South Korean Embassy shared a video about the upcoming Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. In it, US Paralympics alpine skier Stephanie Jallen, in full gear on a snowy slope, talks about how she is going to Korea to “share her life experience” and “learn about Korean culture.” The purpose of this post is to advertise for the Winter Olympics and to inform the audience about US athletes like Stephanie attending the event in Korea. The video is interesting because it is very obvious to the viewer that the athlete shown has missing limbs; one of her coat sleeves and one pant leg are half in length. This emphasis suggests that the creator of the video wants the audience to know that the Winter Olympics will include Paralympic athletes as well. Likewise, appealing the inclusive aspect of the Olympics is good advertising because it sends a message that this event is for everybody, no exceptions. The video is definitely more image-based, as showcasing Stephanie skiing despite her disabilities appeals strongly to pathos, making the viewer feel emotional and proud of the athlete. These sentiments may make the audience want to see this particular athlete compete at the actual Olympics, which would indicate that the post is effective in its advertising because the event is gaining interest and potential viewers. The caption of this video includes both Korean and English, indicating that the video is meant for both the Korean and international audience. Furthermore, in the video itself, there are Korean subtitles as Stephanie is talking in English, which is another indicator that the audience is both domestic and foreign. When considering the content of the video, specifically Stephanie’s words, it is evident that the video is targeting people living in Korea since she mentions how she is excited to learn about the Korean culture. Here, she is trying to appeal to the people who will be receiving international athletes like herself by showing that she is interested in their culture. On the other hand, her video is also targeting foreigners by exemplifying sports diplomacy, suggesting that at the Olympics cultures will be respected and exchanged. Even at the end of the video, one can see the hashtag, #SportsDiplomacy, which emphasizes this message. This hashtag also allows the audience to associate the video with a single term, making the message easy to remember. Showcasing sports diplomacy also appeals to pathos, inciting sentiments of compassion and overall positive feelings, which indicates that this video is an effective social media post. Also in the end is a picture of Stephanie, mid skiing with her goggles and uniform on. It is an intense and generally cool picture of her, and the fact that this image is the last thing the viewer sees makes the video more compelling because they associate the Winter Olympics as an event where athletes like Stephanie have the opportunity to showcase their full potential. As the purpose of the video is to advertise for the event, I believe that this post did a good job appealing to pathos and making the audience more interested in the event by introducing a Paralympic athlete and portraying her in an inspiring and heart-warming way.


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